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Jeff klemm


Dubbed the "Hardest Working Man In Akron Show Business" American singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeff Klemm is best known as frontman for the nationally touring MAID MYRIAD, the driving force behind JEFF KLEMM & THE LETTERS (now known as DIAMOND KITES) and guitarist in the now defunct VIA LOTUS. KLEMM splits his time between his SOLO ACOUSTIC project and his ROCK BANDS. His refined cover song collection makes his SOLO ACOUSTIC shows interesting. His SOLO ACOUSTIC set showcases his craft of songwriting and versatility switching between original and reimagined cover songs.

Klemm has performed his music all over the country many times over embarking on several national full band and solo acoustic tours averaging out to around 100 shows a year since 2012. His accomplished work as a sound engineer has been showcased prominently in national venues and mainstream radio stations. 








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Jeff Klemm Live


Burying The Shadows

by Jeff Klemm

Singer/Songwriter Jeff “JCK” Klemm, known for his nationally touring, critically acclaimed rock band MAID MYRIAD, has released his first solo album “Burying The Shadows,” distributed through Diskette Records. 

“The songs were mostly written and recorded over several weeks last winter in the grips of fever delirium and emotional crisis,” says Klemm. “Instead of going on a bar bender to cope with the heartbreak, I went on a creative bender and put all those wild emotions down on record. I moved my bed into my studio and didn't leave for weeks.” Klemm performed all the instruments on the record with the exception of two songs, on which Jake Porter, Colin Stevens and Tiernan King (of Klemm’s live band The Letters) take the helm. 

Renowned engineer and co-owner of Central 8 Studios Nathan Doutt handled the mixing duties. “Due to my tour schedule, I was barely home in 2015, so the record was collecting dust until Nathan asked about it,” recalls Klemm. “I handed him a hard drive full of songs and said ‘have fun.’ Nathan sculpted the sound in a bigger, different and more focused direction than I’d originally envisioned. He’d send me new mixes and I’d send notes from the road. Nathan put a ton of time and energy into making the album sound unique and it really shines through in the mixes.” 

Although “Burying The Shadows” does not adhere to one musical genre, the record is not without mortar. Featuring classic breakup songs of love gone sour, from the sarcastic “It's Just Not Meant To Be” to the anxious “13 Missed Calls,” the lush and hopeful “Ocean Meets The Sky” and alt-country bordering “Fix,” the unifying theme is love in all its iterations – from inception to death. Klemm makes his apologies in the fraught “Weight Of The World,” where his recognizable soaring tenor counteracts the whiskey-soaked doo-wop of "You're Breaking My Heart (The Whiskey Song),” dedicated to none other than his faithful companion.

Says Klemm: “What ties the record together thematically is the word ‘heart’, which is mentioned in pretty much every song. These songs were the knife that cut through the scar tissue building up around my heart over the last few years. Letting go of the past by burying the shadows that had overcast my happiness was liberating and cathartic. I can finally breathe. I hope it comes through in this collection of songs and the companion acoustic record that will follow early next year." 

With Haste On Its Breath cover.jpg

With Haste On Its Breath

by Maid Myriad

Boasting a beautiful but potent style of post-progressive/alternative/pop they like to refer to as kaleidoscope rock, MAID MYRIAD blends dynamically versatile songs, angst-fueled progressive riffs, delicate pin drop moments, and intense start/stop dynamics. The band formed in 2007, quickly solidifying their name within the local scene, receiving heavy regional airplay from their debut EP Embrace, being named Akron’s second best local band in 2010 (behind The Black Keys), logging miles in the van, and opening for such national acts as Primus, Gogol Bordello, Dax Riggs, Michale Graves, Maps & Atlases, As Tall As Lions and more.

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Jeff Klemm (ex-Via Lotus), and drummer Greg Meisenberg (A Fucking Elephant), have recently wrapped-up recording MAID MYRIAD’s first full-length album, With Haste On Its Breath. With a dozen new songs radiating with the band’s most exceptionally-crafted songwriting through their most expansive and explosive material to date, With Haste On Its Breath is an hour-long opus that is as beautiful as it is infectious. Bursting with influences from a gamut of rock subgenres, one can hear elements of Sense Field, Serpico, Sunny Day Real Estate and others born of the 1990s post-hardcore/emo circuit, massive alternative rock elements of Dredg, later Cave In and the mellowest aspects of the Dillinger Escape Plan’s more recent recordings, relentless creativity on the level of Tool and Mike Patton’s catalog and so on, all seamlessly honed and brought to vibrant life with a passionate, dynamic, clean vocal delivery. 

With Haste On Its Breath was recorded in Akron, Ohio and Keyport, New Jersey, produced and engineered by guitarist Jeff Klemm at Free Truman Productions, and mixed and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Adrenaline Mob, Foxy Shazam, etc.). The album’s hour-long lifespan has media outlets like Ohio.com adding the band to their best of 2014 lists, and has major webzines like MetalSucks issuing, “its massive, melodic, introspective, and tortured, like a wonderful dream that quickly metamorphasizes into the kind of nightmare that continues to rattle and haunt you even after you awaken, stuck to your psyche like gum to the bottom of a shoe…” The Akron Beacon Journal hailed, “MAID MYRIAD, which calls its music ‘kaleidoscope rock’ thankfully digs deeper and further back into the ’90s recalling the intricate, herky-jerky dynamics and start-stop riffs of bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and At the Drive-In and heavier contemporary proggy bands such as Tool and The Mars Volta, minus the 10-minute songs.” American Aftermath boasts, “The band combines an array of influences, including progressive rock and 90’s post-hardcore/emo, into a dynamic and emotional display of alternative rock mastery… Jeff Klemm’s near angelic vocals are sure to be stuck in your head all day. In fact, we guarantee that.” The Cleveland Scene made MAID MYRIAD their Band Of The Week, stating, “…the songs stay true to ‘kaleidoscope rock,’ the term the band has used to describe its neo-progressive rock. Heavily textured songs such as ‘Camera Eye’ and ‘Dance by the Moonlight’ have elements of Mars Volta. But the group slows things down for the simmering ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ and ‘Waiting for December,’ showing it can capably change gears.”

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